Cavity Protection Systems Ltd™ has now been awarded world-wide NSF approval and certification for the Cavity liners, which is the recognised certification for health and safety equipment in the food sector... More

Runners-up in the 'Innovation of the Year' Awards

The System

Cavity Protection Systems Ltd has created and developed an easily removable and replaceable Cavity Liner for commercial microwave ovens to facilitate easy cleaning.

At the heart of the new system is an ingeniously designed TPX liner which is easily removed, cleaned and replaced in the microwave, protecting the entire cavity from grease and food particles which, if left, can cause serious or even un-repairable damage to the oven.

The Microsave™ liner can be removed, cleaned (for example in a non-caustic dishwasher or pot wash) and replaced into the microwave oven, keeping its cavity clean as well as helping to avoid costly repairs and downtime.

It is a cost effective, easy to clean, Cavity Protection System offering significant financial and operational advantages by helping to maintain a clean oven, which helps prevent costly damage and can assist in avoiding inconvenient downtime.

Our product demonstration video shows how the Microsave Cavity Liner works and helps you to save on costly repairs and importantly preventing downtime.

A key aspect here...less than 50% of the bottom of the cooking dish is on the base of the liner at any one time, resulting in further protection of the base plate. The unique lip retains any overflows or spills, which may occur during the cooking/reheating cycle.

The designs, ideas and concept are covered by Patents with world wide patents applied for. The wording "Cavity Protection System" and "Cavity Protection Liner" are trade marks of Cavity Protection Systems Ltd.

Barry Clark explaining the features and benefits of the Microsave Liner System.