Cavity Protection Systems Ltdā„¢ has now been awarded world-wide NSF approval and certification for the Cavity liners, which is the recognised certification for health and safety equipment in the food sector... More

Runners-up in the 'Innovation of the Year' Awards

Company Background and History

Cavity Protection Systems Limited was formed in 2002 to hold the patents, trade marks, design and copyright of the Cavity Protection Liner.

The Company is owned and controlled by its directors; Patrick Bray, Barry Clark, Alex Grant and Nigel Barker. Pat and Barry are the inventors of this unique yet simple liner, which took more than 3 years of research and development.

Patrick Bray

Initially a Cipher and Communications Operator in the Royal Signals, then an instructor in Germany for Class II operators. Subsequently responsible for concept, design and operation of the first Microwave Oven Centre at Allders in Portsmouth, which was then installed across the group. Engaged as a Company Director of a microwave oven wholesaler for over 25 years ago, specialising and qualifying in sales and servicing of commercial microwave ovens.

Barry Clark

A colleague of Patrick Bray's, Barry attends training courses for servicing, concentrating on general and routine repairs and provision of spares. Barry frequently advises engineers from other companies throughout the UK and trains apprentice engineers to reach a qualification standard.

Because of his knowledge and practical experience with commercial microwave ovens, he realised that the main cause of oven breakdown was the lack of correct cleaning procedures and that a quick and easy method of maintaining hygiene standards was necessary. This led Pat and Barry to develop, over a three year period, a specially engineered rigid re-useable liner. Essential considerations were microwave safe, food safe and washer safe of high flash point.

Alex Grant

Alex, a Portsmouth based business man (whose company 'Kall Kwik' also designed the logo for CPS) comes with a successful overseas business background as diverse as hotel and catering to construction projects. Alex was, from the conceptual stage, an enthusiastic admirer of the project and full of encouragement, in the development of the liner.

Nigel Barker

Nigel has largely been involved in the oil business during his career, based through Europe and the Middle East. Now living in Surrey, he is involved in various ongoing projects. He too was similarly impressed with the Liner concept and had absolutely no hesitation in investing in CPSL.