Cavity Protection Systems Ltd™ has now been awarded world-wide NSF approval and certification for the Cavity liners, which is the recognised certification for health and safety equipment in the food sector... More

Runners-up in the 'Innovation of the Year' Awards

Benefits of the Cavity Protection System

Cavity Protection Liner<br>

Cavity Protection Systems have invented a unique commercial microwave liner. The Cavity Protection System offers significant commercial and operational advantages. It is an easily removable and replaceable rigid TPX liner for a range of heavy duty commercial microwave ovens. The Microsave™ liner can be removed, cleaned and replaced in the oven, keeping the cavity clean and avoiding costly repairs and downtime.

5 Great Benefits of our Cavity Protection System



Helps keep the cavity of a Commercial Microwave oven clean and "Looked after". A clean oven is an efficient oven. Environmental Health Officers check commercial microwave oven for cleanliness.


Easy to Clean

After each session, just wash with a little washing up liquid and warm water, spray rinse, then dry or leave to dry. It can also be placed in a non caustic dishwasher.


Helps to Avoid 'Down Time'

Commercial Microwave Ovens that are not clean tend to break-down during the busy periods mostly due to ceiling plates sparking or base plates breaking. The Microsave Cavity Protection Liner avoids this.


Helps to Avoid Costly Repairs

Food Particles left on the ceiling plates, base plates and light lens can cause serious damage to the interior of a microwave as they carbonise cinder and then arc. Having a Microsave Cavity Protection Liner in the oven will alleviate these problems.


Pays for Itself

The costs of just one repair would pay for a Microsave Cavity Protection Liner and in the future will save hundreds of pounds in repairs.